The Types Of Counselling Services

A majority of individuals are going through a lot as they encounter different phase’s challenges of life. As one transitions in life, going through depression or anxiety issues visiting a counsellor can offer therapeutic solutions. Thus easing the burdens. Therefore, counselling therapy is a type of professional support and guidance to an individual undergoing either mental, psychological or social issues. The assistance varies from an individual session to group sessions depending on the need or purpose visitation. The counselling services can also be available online for individuals who prefer such options. The following are the types of counselling services;

Firstly, is marriage counselling which is offered to couples either dating or in an engagement before they are legally married. The marriage counseling is also to help couples going through a rough time on how to cope with another as they are united. Secondly, Trauma counselling is to aid individuals who have been in traumatic experiences such as terrorism or violence attack. Anxiety counselling is assistance to persons with insecurities, fears and feel unsafe or threatened in their lives. Stress counselling is also viable to aid people in managing stress levels and situations that occur in their lives.

Thirdly, depression counselling is offered to clients going through depression because of distressing situations or struggles. Self-esteem counselling is offered to people who are struggling with self-identity or self-regard issues and ways on how to appreciate oneself. The other one sports counselling specifically to participants involved in games activities. The main purpose is to determine the psychological and behavioral reasons as to why individuals engage in sports. In addition, Divorce counselling is a service to individuals who have separated legally for one reason to another. Discover more at

The main purpose it serves is how affected couples can deal with the post effects of the divorce.
Moreover, life coaching is a type of counselling that basically aids corporate organizations on various ways of concerning business plans. The other one is motivating employees towards achieving organizational goals for the growth of the business. Furthermore, group counselling is for a manageable number of individuals going through similar struggles or issues which is facilitated by a single therapist. Addition counselling is to assist clients who are either abusing drugs or excessively consumes alcohol.

Finally, career coaching is also a counseling service offered to motivate individuals to go about with their career goals. In conclusion, reiki healing is counseling whereby the therapists uses a touch mechanism with the purpose of restoring body and emotional healing to the client. Sam Nabil counseling offers a wide range of services with the purpose of restoring individuals to their normal state of life. Learn more here:

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